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    Premier and Show Quality Goldfish

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Welcome to Water Garden Gems


Who We Are

Water Garden Gems is a family owned specialty retailer located on 3.5 acres East of San Antonio, Texas on Interstate I10. Since 1990, we have specialized in Water Gardens and Koi Ponds.  We are your WATER FEATURE EXPERTS.

Directions to Water Garden Gems

From teaching the novice how to build their first pond and supplying them with everything they need to providing champion-quality Japanese Koi from the leading breeders in the world for expert enthusiasts, we have something for everyone!

We have more than a dozen display ponds built on our grounds for you to enjoy, take in their beauty, and gain ideas from.   All of them are filled with a variety of water lillies, filtration plants, Koi, goldfish and architectural uniqueness.

We carry everything you need for your waterfeature...  Pond LinerPumpsPond Lighting, Filtration Options,  all your pond supplies, and MORE...

We also have ready-to-install waterfeatures: Concrete Fountains, Copper Fairy Fountains, misc. fountains and features, and the amazing UNIVERSAL ROCKS waterfalls and ponds.


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What We Do

What we do | Water Garden Gemsel dorado 640x480

Our goal at Water Garden Gems is to provide you with everything you need from materials to expertise and help you create the peaceful atmosphere you desire; where water flows and blocks the outside world, and where beauty abounds.  We carry a wide selection of top brand pumps, filters, UVs, aeration and all other supplies as well as custom-cut liners to your exact specifications.

  We also have several professionals you can call to assist you with any or all of your project.  These are contractors we have worked with for years, and our customers have always been nothing but pleased, so you can trust them!


ASK US A QUESTION!  We can help you assess your system, plan your new pond, design additions and upgrades, discuss fish health and more!

(210) 659-5841

We specialize in high quality purebred Japanese Koi.  These range from 3”-5” young to fully grown, highly valuable adults that every Koi lover would want to add to their family.  We also have a wide selection of Fancy Goldfish for aquariums and beautiful top quality Comets and Shubunkins unmatched anywhere else. 

We sell a wide assortment of Water Plants including more than 50 varieties of Tropical and Hardy Water Lillies, as well as Oxygenating Plants, Lotus, and over 60 varieties of Bog and shallow water filtration plants to help add color, beauty, softness, and health to your Water Garden.

With our collection of concrete fountains, outdoor décor, and an absolutely amazing park-like atmosphere, you will soon agree with the ten’s of thousands of customers we have welcomed into Water Garden Gems over the years that this is an incredible one-of-a-kind establishment you can enjoy with the entire family.

Come out and EXPERIENCE us

Our family can assist you with design ideas, construction How-Tos, complete water feature kits, supplies, contrator recommendations and more...

IMG 0622  IMG 0621

photo 4045 1

Our customers often think of us as a walk-through paradise and backyard oasis theme park. 

Many come regularly just to see what’s new and enjoy another stroll to get more ideas to add into their future plans.  We strive to create an EXPERIENCE for the entire family and we love sharing our family fun with others.  Bring the kids and let them enjoy some of God’s peaceful beauty, learn about fish, plants, and nature, and even feed our beautiful trophy Koi.  We guarantee you will love every visit through our beautiful grounds and see something new to spark an interest that will last a lifetime.

We are adding something new all the time; more manicured gardens, a new gazebo with benches and 6' waterfall, a bog filtration system for our deep koi pond, a meandering stream, and new and better products every season. If you come only once a year, you are going to miss something!


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