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Welcome to Water Garden Gems

Custom Cut Pond Liners


Need a pond liner? Visit Water Garden Gems! We custom-cut pond liners for your specific application off of full-size rolls so you know you are getting the liner you need. We have .45mil EDPM Rubber liner and .20mil PolyEthylene liners available in all sizes!. Nowhere else in Texas can you find custom cut liners! No job is too large or too small. We have the ideal liner for whatever your need is.

Pond Linercarlyle

EDPM Rubber Liner

We recommend our .45mil EDPM Rubber Liner for your water feature.  This is a thick, durable, and fexible liner that will withstand the weight of the water, the shifting ground, and years of enjoyment.  This is much different from the flimsy, temporary liners you will find at block retailers.  This is the liner the Professionals use.

**  We custom cut any length you need off our rolls of liner. We keep in stock rolls of 10', 15', 20', 25', 30', 40', and 50' wide and can cut any length off of these rolls.

**  We can help you determine the size you need without worrying about not having enough or buying too much.  Just bring us the dimensions of your pond and we can help you with the rest. The widest width, the longest length, and the deepest depth is all we need.

**  We custom cut at no extra charge!  Our liner runs $0.99/sq ft.   This means a 10x10 liner costs $99 and a 20'x25' would cost $495.  We also can help you with narrow stream liners you cannot purchase elsewhere like an 8'x20' or even a 15'x75'.

**  We offer discounted pricing for wholesale/professional contractors and for large liners or complete rolls.

**  We offer wholesale pricing to resale businesses...pricing based on volume.

**  If needed, we can ship your liner to your home or business. 

Call (210)659-5841 to order your custom liner today or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


PolyEthylene LinerWe offer PolyEthylene liner in 0.20mil thickness and can cut any size up to 30' wide.  These liners are much thinner than EDPM and are not flexible.  They are, however, still thicker and better than liners bought at block retailers.  More ideal for above ground ponds, aquaponics, wicking beds, and shallow ponds with no rocks. We custom cut for free and sell our PolyEthylene liner at $0.50/sq ft.


GeoMembrane Underlayment: We offer Underlayment in 8mil felt, ideal to protect your liner from rocks under or on top of the liner.  Especially in areas like the Texas Hill Country where there are layers of limestone, it is important to protect your liner.  Laying felt underneath prevents rocks and roots from tearing the liner.  It is common for professionals to use underlayment on top of the liner as well if they are laying large or sharp rocks down on the liner as a padding for the weight and abbrasion.  Underlayment comes on a 15' wide roll and we can cut any size you want.  Retail for underlayment is $0.30/sq ft, and there are discounted prices for professionals and wholesalers.

More information on the different liners


Repair items:  We also carry repair tape in the event that you need it. We carry single sided and double sided pond repair tape as well as reinforced patch tape.  We sell it by the foot and custom cut the length to your needs, and we can teach you how to use it and properly adhere it.

seam tape patch tape dbl tape

Check out all of our liner products and more by going to the products tab or giving us a call at (210) 659-5841


Come out and visit us...there are right and wrong ways to build ponds and lay liners. We can show you how to completely hide the liner, be structurally sound, and have the pond of your dreams!


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