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Welcome to Water Garden Gems

What Pump do you Need?


Choosing your pump can be as important as any decision you make for you water feature or pond.  We carry every option available in the biggest and best brands on the market, but the important part is that we can help you choose the RIGHT pump for you.

Replacing a pump? Visit us or call! We can replace your pump with the same item or an equivelant immediately. Pond, Fountain, Disappearing Water Feature... whatever the situation, we have the pump for you. We are experts at sizing up your pump to create the waterflow you desire!

We also have the largest selection of adapters, reducers, and PVC parts you will find in a retail store so that we can make your commections fit!

External vs Submersible. Both have advantages, but oftentimes your feature determines which you should choose. We sell a large array of pump brands so that we have what you need.

perf pro  matala

Performance Pro      Matala        Pondmaster       Laguna      Pondmax      Rio      Precision Fluids

laguna  pond-mag-9-5-pump-950-gph-

Click here for our pump selection

In choosing a pump, gallons per hour (GPH) and horsepower come into play and we need to determine your head loss and friction to match that to your desired water feature, waterfall, or pond size.  We can help you determine the size of pump so that your waterflow is both what you want as well as appropriate for your filter system.

Do not assume all pumps are the same and they perform and last the same. Generic is not a good idea with water features!  You will get what you pay for and where you shop makes a big difference. We stand behind our products and have years and years of experience with these brands. Big-block retailer items are disposable... they are designed to be and that is why they are so cheap.  Our products are designed to last; not one year, but years and years and our products have better warranties in the case that something goes wrong. You will be amazing at the selection and options in all categories and all price points. Do not settle for a pump you will replace within the year. Come visit us at Water Garden Gems and start enjoying your water feature more.

Tubing!  We have everything... Flexible PVC Spa tubing, No-Kink Tubing, Clear Vinyl Tubing, PVC sticks... all the tubing you need we have available in every size. We can make your plumbing simple! We are a one-stop-shop.

>>>We make pump shopping easy. We ask the questions, you set up the vision and we help you make that vision a reality. Let the experts do their job... come check out our amazing selection and desire to help you enjoy your water.


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