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Welcome to Water Garden Gems

Choose your Filtration System

pavillion pond 

Perhaps the most important decision in building a pond is the filter choice. You want clear beautiful water so that you can see your fish, and that requires a good filtration system. Choosing a good filter is complicated so we make it simple for you. There is a best filter for your water feature... but different water features work best with different filter types.


Pressure Filters - Pressure filters are by far the easiest filter to maintain and, in most water garden and Koi Ponds, are the preferred filter option. Pond Volume, water flow, fish load, and aquatic plant levels all make a difference in your selection process. There are many details to selecting the correct filter and the correct size.

pondmax     laguna filter

                                      Filter Options

The Pressure filters we sell are the industry's leaders. Easy to clean without taking the canisters apart, all of our filters also include an integrated Ultraviolet light that, unlike some filters, are properly sized to their advertised pond size.


Upflow Filters - Upflow filters flow water through media pads and return the water to the pond. These can be effective and can be adapted to accept a UV Clarifier in or before the filter. We carry the industry-leading Matala BioSteps 10 filter. Great for biological filtration and aeration of the water during the filter process.

                                     Matala BioStep10       biosteps


Submersible Prefilters - The simplest form of filtration and one that stays in the pond with the pump. Because they live inside the pond, there is no need to pipe the water out of the pond unless you desire a waterfall. Prefilters can work fine and serve their purpose, especially when adding plants as secondary filters and clarifiers. Water Garden Gems makes the best prefilter on the market, and tens of thousands have been sold across the nation for over 20 years. Simple, inexpensive, and ideal for small water gardens.

                                     Water Garden Gems Prefilters     wgg filter


Bog Filtration - A great natural filter for a pond, Bog filters rely on gravel and plants to naturally filter your pond. A properly constructed Bog filter can filter ponds of any size, depth, fish load, and application. Bog Filtration is a key aspect of the filtration system in Living Swimming Ponds and are excellent at pulling out nitrates and toxins from the water. Bog filters require more space than other filter options as they are constructed as a second pond that filters for the primary pond, but if the space is available these filters will provide amazingly clean and clear water without the need of a man-made canister filter.                            bog filtration detail     bog 2


UV Clarifiers - The ultimate way to clear your water is with a UV Clarifier. These are not filters, they are simply clarifiers; and they are invaluable. We carry submersible UV systems as well as external systems; from small and inexpensive to large, stainless steel, high volume units for large Koi Ponds. 

                                     UltraViolet Clarifiers page

                                     How UV Clarifiers Work          

boulder falls  joe20mergele  small pond

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