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    Shane Stefek of Water Garden Gems has been awarded the #1 article of the 2017!

    You are in EXPERT hands at Water Garden Gems

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  • Premier Japanese and Longfin Koi

    We offer a huge selection of Japanese Koi and Longfin Koi from 4-6" up to 28"+ Adults

    You will be Amazed at our selection, beauty and quality

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  • Water Garden Gems...who we are

    We are your Water Feature Experts

    Open 6 days a week...every day except FRIDAY to meet all your Water Feature needs...

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  • Your Source for PREMIER GOLDFISH

    Premier and Show Quality Goldfish

    Ryukin, Butterfly Tail, Ranchu, Oranda, Red Caps, Pearlscales and more...

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    There is always Something Happening at Water Garden Gems

    Family Festivals, Koi Shows, Goldfish Sales, Water Garden Club meetings and tours, Speaking Events, Seminars and more...

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Welcome to Water Garden Gems


Gifts from Water Garden Gems


Unique,  Heart-felt,  Individualized,  One of a Kind,  Thoughtful Gifts


Water Garden Gems is the perfect place to find awesome gifts for your loved ones, whether it be for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, house warming presents, Mother and Father's Day... there is something special for your someone special at Water Garden Gems!

Most items are one of a kind, small specialty items, or made by local artisans... you won't find these items at other retailers!!!

Check out some of what we have to offer...

Patio Fountains

  20151030 093516 200x150  20151110 130145 200x150  20151110 130134 200x150  20151110 130100 200x150

20151110 130209 200x150  20151110 130214 200x150  20151110 130324 200x150  20151110 130401 200x150


Bird Lovers

copper round feeder  fly thru heart  fly thru  copper square feeder

bird condos 400x300 bird houses 400x300


Jewelry and Novelties

ornaments  magents

necklaces plum earrings



parasol sticks parasol filigree parasol globe parasol can sticks


Rock Animals

20141122 133835 400x300 red golf 20141122 133725 400x300

20141122 132638 300x225 20141122 132716 20141122 132843 300x225

20141122 133247 400x300 20141122 133658 400x300


gentle 29 gentle 50 gentle spirits         mus bass



Table Top Fountains

20151030 093653 200x150  20151030 093608 200x150  20151030 093557 200x150  20151030 093535 200x150

20151030 093532 200x150  20151110 130420 200x150  20151110 130416 200x150



167 177 20141122 125617 400x300

20141122 125529 400x300 20141122 125523 300x400


Sun Faces

20141122 125048 300x400 20141122 125229 300x400 20141122 125404 300x400

20141122 125436 400x300


Ceramic Urns

20151110 130249 200x150  20151110 130258 200x150  20151110 130306 200x150 



Pond Accents

20151029 114947 200x150 20151110 130345 200x150  20151110 130543 200x150  20151110 130534 200x150 


Fire Pits

20151110 130450 200x150  20151110 130440 200x150  20151110 130436 200x150  20151110 130454 200x150


Call us at (210) 659-5841 and order today!  Many of these are one-of-a-kind items so we do not list them in the PRODUCTS tab for purchase online, but you can buy them over the phone and we can ship them to you.  If you are not too far away, a trip to Water Garden Gems is a must and well worth the drive to get to shop in such an amazing and beautiful location... it doesn't feel like shopping at Water Garden Gems... but more like strolling through and enjoying the sights and sounds.



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