• Special Lighting Event - November 30

    Lighting a pond is easier AND MORE FUN than putting Christmas lights on your house!

    5:30-8:30pm one special night only

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    The Store will be closed Nov 15-24th for Thanksgiving

    We will be open for Christmas Shopping and all of your pond needs again November 25th!

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    We are your Water Feature Experts

    Open 6 days a week...every day except Wednesdays to meet all your Water Feature needs...

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    Premier and Show Quality Goldfish

    Ryukin, Butterfly Tail, Ranchu, Oranda, Red Caps, Pearlscales and more...

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    There is always Something Happening at Water Garden Gems

    Family Festivals, Koi Shows, Goldfish Sales, Water Garden Club meetings and tours, Speaking Events, Seminars and more...

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Welcome to Water Garden Gems

Universal Rocks


Choose and install your water feature in the same day... even in a couple of hours!  We carry a large selection of waterfalls, bubbling rocks, bridgestones, ponds, patio ponds, streams, pump covers, and boulders for you choose from and special orders are always an option.  Once you learn about Universal Rocks or walk around at Water Garden Gems and see for yourself, you will LOVE this option!

tall waterfall display 640x480


Universal Rocks® is a family business that originatied in Australia in 1997 and moved its manufacturing facility to Dallas, Texas in 2007. They now exclusively manufacture here in the United States. Dedicated to producing amazing replicas of the most beautiful features of the Australian Bush and American Landscape, our extensive range covers over six hundred innovative and attractive products - You can't help but find a Universal Rock suitable for your indoor or outdoor use. Not only are all of the Universal Rocks® product range realistic in appearance, easy to transport and simple to install, but they are so strong and durable that they won't be damaged by elements or even little feet!

If you are thinking about a garden renovation, rejuvenating your pool surrounds or even creating your own museum quality aquarium or pet environment, then Universal Rocks® are the ideal solution. What was once a job for the experts is now a simple, lightweight, cost effective alternative for the happy home owner!

large wf  alona 640x480  creek front drawn  creek laying down


Made of high density foam and a special coating, then colored with crushed rock rather than paint, these amazing features will outlive their concrete counterparts, even while looking more natural and being lightweight and easy to build, adjust, and add onto.


For more info, check out our blog and visit the Universal Rocks webpage... we have much of what they manufature and can special order as a distributor for you as well.


A full and amazing water feature in a day...unbelievable!

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