• Amazing Pond and Landscape Lighting

    Add Amazing Lighting to your Pond Life this summer...

    ...We can help you make it look professional

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  • Annual Koi Show and Special Koi Sale

    October 27-29, 2017. Participate in the longest running Koi Show in Texas!

    Buy from Breeders...Tank Hollow Fisheries, Grand Koi and more.

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  • Water Garden Gems...who we are

    We are your Water Feature Experts

    Open 6 days a week...every day except Wednesdays to meet all your Water Feature needs...

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  • Your Source for PREMIER GOLDFISH

    Premier and Show Quality Goldfish

    Ryukin, Butterfly Tail, Ranchu, Oranda, Celestial, Bubble Eye, Panda...and more! Next Sales Event this October...

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    There is always Something Happening at Water Garden Gems

    Family Festivals, Koi Shows, Goldfish Sales, Water Garden Club meetings and tours, Speaking Events, Seminars and more...

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Welcome to Water Garden Gems

2017 Texas Koi and Goldfish Show

Texas Koi and Fancy Goldfish Society and Water Garden Gems

October 27-29th @ Water Garden Gems

Experience the longest running Koi Show in Texas!!!

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Come experience the hobby in a truly amazing and unique way!  Koi and Goldfish Hobbyists from all over the state and further bring their prize and favorite fish to the competition!

Special Seminars for further education about your pond, fish and the hobby

Bees and Bonsai groups onsight for education and experience

Koi Breeders selling directly to the public

Water Garden and Koi Clubs here to teach and discuss with


click here for details, show materials, and entry forms


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