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    Shane Stefek of Water Garden Gems has been awarded the #1 article of the 2017!

    You are in EXPERT hands at Water Garden Gems

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    We offer a huge selection of Japanese Koi and Longfin Koi from 4-6" up to 28"+ Adults

    You will be Amazed at our selection, beauty and quality

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    We are your Water Feature Experts

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    Premier and Show Quality Goldfish

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Welcome to Water Garden Gems

Water Garden Gems'

Lighting Event 2017

November 30th, 5:30-8:30pm

IMG 1413

Illuminate your Water Feature for the Holidays


Kick off the Christmas Season with an evening of beautifully illuminated water features and UNIQUE Christmas shopping!  Water Garden Gems will be holding a special Lighting Event and the ponds, waterfalls, streams, and more will be lit up in lights and decorated for your enjoyment.  Test different pond lighting, enjoy Christmas lights and decorations, a Dessert and Hot Beverage Bar, Christmas music and cheer, and much much more!

During the event, take advantage of a rare sale...10% off all lighting items and marked Christmas Gifts...3 hours only!


Light up your Christmas Season...with Water Garden Gems.

"Lighting a pond or water feature is easier and more fun than putting Christmas lights on your house!"

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