Who We Are

Who we are


Water Garden Gems is a family owned specialty retailer located on 3.5 acres East of San Antonio, Texas on Interstate I10. 

For 25 years, we have specialized in Water Gardens and Koi Ponds.  From teaching the novice how to build their first pond and supplying them with everything they need to providing champion quality Japanese Koi from some of the leading breeders in the world for our Koi Club members and expert enthusiasts, we have something for everyone!

nick and beatravis close 2peyton lily ponds

We have more than a dozen display ponds and water features built on our grounds for you to enjoy, take in their beauty, and gain ideas from.   All of them are filled with a variety of water lillies, filtration plants, Koi, goldfish and architectural uniqueness.  You can look at filtering options, pump flow rates, and create your own backyard oasis in your mind...to then go create.

need plants and fishlotus bloomlarge koi

Your home is filled with what is most important to you…for us that is our family and we are truly blessed to be about to share our family with you. 

We believe we have a great testimony and have been given a great opportunity to add a little peace and a bit of color into our lives and yours.  Water Garden Gems stands on a bold history of excellence and family is at the heart.   So come out and experience us…you will want to join the family of Koi lovers and Water Gardeners we have grown over the years here at Water Garden Gems.

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