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Here at Water Garden Gems, we have something for everyone in your family. 

From enjoying the Koi and Goldfish to listening to the peaceful waterfalls, taking in the beauty of the Water Lillies, walking through out store for additions to your yard, and even holding seminars, craft shows, and Koi Shows packed with outside vendors, fish competitions, and distributors from all over the United States…we have what it takes to put a smile on your face.


 jamestown 174x240


 tall waterfall display 640x480

 Waterfalls from small patio options to 6'tall+...easy to plumb, easy to install...come check out our displays


 Add some Floaters to your Pond

Every pond needs some character, perhaps a "wow", and even some fundamental "protection" from the predators.  Adding a Gator, Croc, or Hippo is sure to bring you all three of these and more!  New items for your pond that will be a splash this season...
Our 5' Alligator, modeled from a real 8" Gator is more life-like than you can imagine!  From the perfectly designed "cruising" float in the water to the professional taxidermy eyes, this Gator is the real deal!  A great Blue Heron deterent as well as a party pleaser and tropical-paradise must-have...
Gator too big?  Try this Australian around 3', it fits nicely in any pond.  100% true to form, this little Croc has perfect detail down to it's feet!  Only a true Australian could create such a piece of art...and he did!  You will be amazed at how this floats between your water plants on stands at the edge of your pond waiting to get someone's attention! 
Check it out!  Water Garden Gems is currently THE ONLY place you can even see this new item.  Not ready for sale anywhere else, we were lucky enough to get the Floating Hippo first!  Available in Adult and Baby Hio sizes.  Again crafted from an actual Hippo head, it floats just like you see them at the Zoo!  Bring a little Hippopotamus to your backyard getaway.  You have to see it to believe it! 
Each floater comes with a tether loop underneath.  Should you prefer to keep them from swimming around your pond, tie them down in that perfect location!
Come check them out in our ponds!  You won't be the first unexpected customer the croc frightened...




 Feeding Time ANYTIME here at Water Garden Gems


Bring out your family and ask to feed our Koi…they LOVE being fed and are sure to put on a show for the kids every time.




There is something for everyone…we do MORE than ponds…

Where we definitely focus on water gardens and the like, we pride ourselves if having a variety of interesting items for you to enjoy and possibly take home with you…check some of our unique items here at Water Garden Gems.


Learn the Values of a Water Garden

Come out and join one of our Pond Building 101 classes on the first and third Saturday of every month or come in anytime for our knowledgable staff to help you work through your ideas and find ways for you to increase your enjoyment of your “backyard getaway.”  So what is the value? Check this out for a short answer...Values Blog, come and see us for the full experience!


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