Feeding Time

Feeding Time at Water Garden Gems

If you are already a Koi lover, you know how fun feeding can be!

Feeding Koi Fish

If you are already a Koi lover, you know how fun feeding them can be! 

If you have not witnessed the feeding frenzy, it is something you don’t want to miss! 

Since 1990, customers have loved watching our large adult koi both in the Koi pavilion and the deep Koi pond on our grounds hit the surface of the water as a team, splashing and jumping to say hi to their friends bringing dinner.

Koi are not only beautiful fish, but they have individual personalities that are unique to the fish.  Some we have had here jump when it’s time to be fed, some have tail walked, and most show very obvious face recognition to the primary feeder.  They are great pets and often end up as valued members of the family by adding their individuality and beauty to your home.

Koi feeding patterns vary depending on many factors such as temperature, oxygen levels of the water, and  water quality.  We feed our fish differently based on multiple factors such as desired rate of growth, desire to add deeper color to our fish, time of year and temperature, and, of course, our personal schedules.  When you are purchasing your food, be sure and ask us about the best routine in which to feed your fish for their optimal health!

Yes!!!  Your kids can feed the Koi… bring them in and watch their faces light up!


We have a variety of high quality Koi foods from leading suppliers like HaiFeng, Rangen, and Tetra. 

We also carry goldfish food and even sinking fish food for Trout, Catfish and Sturgeon.  Check out our great selection for your pond.


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