The Values of a Water Garden

The Values of a Water Garden

Water is an integral and vital component to any environment and every healthy ecosystem needs an abundance of it. 

You will see your surrounding landscape and lifestyle change once you put in a water feature!   The benefits are endless and vary based on what kind of feature you introduce, but the benefits always outweigh the costs and your enjoyment over the years will be added to by the knowledge that you are giving back to the environment while relaxing in front of your pond.

Enjoy the wildlife as birds, butterflies, deer, frogs and more will come to drink from your pond and eventually add to your family with their routine presence.


Grow your landscaping faster. As you water your plants and trees with water out of your pond, you will be adding a high level of nitrogen and minerals that will boost their growth and the health of everything in the ecosystem.

Cool the temperature down by adding the water feature, plants and a new “cooling oasis” to your yard.  With more moisture in the air and plants working photosynthesis and creating more shade, you will be able to feel the difference literally!

Increase the Value of your home by adding landscaping improvements around it.  Adding a pond in your backyard will add a de-stressing environment envied by all who visit and enjoyed by all who sit and stay a while.  The addition of a pondless water feature in the front yard can add curb appeal and drown out some of the monotony of subdivisions to help your house stand out above the rest.

old pond waterfall cropped

Lower your stress levels by letting Mother Nature work through quiet tranquility.  In today’s stressful world, we are ever drawn more and more to quiet and beautiful settings where we can “get away.”  Cascading waterfalls, trickling streams and crystal clear ponds can help you de-stress and soothe your soul.  Feel your neck muscles relax and your blood pressure decrease as you sit and enjoy life’s wonders in your backyard oasis.

treefrog lily

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