Fish and Plants

Our Fish

We have a variety of fish at Water Garden Gems for your pond. 

We specialize in pure Japanese Koi and Long Fin Butterfly Koi grown only by premier breeders.  We also carry a great selection of fancy Goldfish as well as Shubunkins and Sarassa Comets in several different sizes. 

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koi 1Longfin Koi | Water Garden GemsGoldfish | Water Garden Gems

Our Plants

At Water Garden Gems we pride ourselves at having one of the widest variety of Water Lillies and Bog Plants available. 

We have over 30 lily ponds holding both Hardy and Tropical Water Lillies as well as 50+ tubs of shallow marginal plants to add to your water garden ecosystem.  We sell our plants in 1 and 2 gallon pots already fertilized and ready to be placed into your pond…it is that easy.

Plants serve as Mother Nature’s water filtration and adding them to your water garden or Koi Pond will bring a visual softness to your display, increase the health level of your water, and provide some protection to your fish.

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red flare | Water Garden GemsPerrys Double White | Water Garden GemsMosaic Bog | Water Garden GemsLotus Bloomsplumeria 5

Coming Soon...You can order your plants online...until then please call to please call to place your order. (210)659-5841

Aquatic Plants are mainly shipped during the cooler months, excluding July-September.  Call for arrangements.

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