Japanese Koi

Our Japanese Koi 

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 We sell pure Japanese Koi from 3-5” long, all the way up to grown adults. 

We have the largest selection of adult Koi you will find at a “brick and mortar” retail establishment… all hand picked in Japan. While every customer stands in amazement watching our large koi swim in our two 5000 gallon display tanks, theyl find it equally enjoyable to shop our younger koi and pick through the array of colors and varieties we have to offer. Come and see… you may even pick a future show champion out of one of our 20 large holding tanks!

Just a sample of what you will find when you come visit our fish


For more information on Koi, Koi Varieties, How to grow Koi, etc; we encourage you to visit Andrew Moo’s webpage for some great information. http://www.andrewskoi.com/ 

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