Our Longfin (Butterfly) Koi

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Long Fin (or Butterfly) Koi add an amazing elegance and beauty to your pond with not just their color, but also with their wing-like fins that make them appear to glide through the water.

We sell only the highest quality Long Fin Koi and use one of the top breeders in the world as our supplier. Come and check out our assortment of these beautiful fish and maybe pick yourself out a classic Asagi Long Fin, a bright Gin Rin Kohaku, or an angel-like Platinum Ogon!

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Interested in the history and some more information about these Koi? We encourage you to visit Tank Hollow Fisheries’ website. There is a great piece written up by a true expert on Long Fin Koi.

>>CLICK HERE to visit Tank Hollow Fisheries'<<

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