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green smoke

Plants add the softness, color, and exotic touch that brings a water garden to life. 

Aquatic Plants add life into the water by emitting oxygen, providing shade, cooling the water temperature, and giving fish a place of protection and comfort.  We encourage you to introduce plants into your pond to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

Water Hybiscus

We try to offer an answer for whatever look or function your pond needs by way of plants, from beauty to oxygenating to filtration plants… we have all shapes and sizes to suit your purpose!

bulls eyeColorado

We sell a vast array of aquatic plants and encourage you to shop our selection in person or feel free to give us a call if there is a particular plant you are looking for! Due to seasonal availability, most of our plants are not on our website, but we can ship many of them to you depending on the size of the plant and the time of the year.

texas dawnplumeriaSagitaria

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