Bog Plants

Bog (Marginal) Plants

Mosaic Bog

Aquatic plants are essential to a healthy water garden and add great value and beauty to any pond.  

Marginal Water plants are very versatile, living in water depths from 1" to 12” deep and come in all types from water surface crawlers, such as Water Pursulane, to 6’ tall plants like Bamboo and Giant Papyrus. This broad variety allows you to add a different texture and height to your water feature.

These plants are ideal for adding to your bog filtration or into your pond as they will feed on the minerals in the water and clarify it by removing some of the food source for the common green-water algae. For more information on Bog Filtration, visit our HOW TO page where we show you the bog filter we installed here at Water Garden Gems.

CLICK HERE to start YOUR Bog Filteration

We have a huge area isolated just for Bog Plants here at Water Garden Gems and over 50 bins for you to choose from based upon the look, texture, height, and amount of sunlight you have.  We sell everything in 1 and 2 gallon pots, ready to be placed in your pond for immediate value!  There is nothing more efficient at pulling nitrates and toxins from your water than aquatic plants. 

Check out some of our Bog Plants

(Click to enlarge photos)


(Click to enlarge photos)


Do not see a Bog plant you want? Click Here to contact us and we may be able to add it to our future inventory. 



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