Hardy Water Lillies

Hardy Water Lillies

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Hardy Water Lillies provide great shade, beautiful flowers, and year after year perennial growth and enjoyment. 

They are, as their name states, very hardy plants and can survive almost any winter.  Hardies are winter tolerable and will return back each Spring with minimal if any work needed to start adding beauty to your pond again.  Hardies generally have a little smaller of a bloom and smaller leaves than Tropicals, making them ideal for smaller ponds and container gardens. They often have a softer flower pattern and color as well, creating a different atmosphere in your water garden.

Hardy Water Lillies range in color from whites and yellows to sunsets, pinks, reds, and light blues.  Some also come in dwarf varieties and can even handle more partial-shade environments. 

We order our Hardy Water Lillies from one of the leading distributors in the US.  We repot, fertilize, and trim our lilies throughout the growing season to make sure they are ready for your pond when you select them.  We’ll show you how to care for and feed your plants for their optimal growth and bloom potential. 

Check out some of our current selection*!

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(Click the photos to enlarge)

*Selection varies throughout the year, please call to confirm availability*

Coming Soon: Place Water Lily orderes online! Until then, please call us to place an order (210)659-5841

Don't see a Hard Water Lilly you want? CLICK HERE to contact us and we may be able to add it to our future inventory.

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