Unique Water Garden Plants

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In addition to lilies and bog plants, we carry some very unique and special plants for your water garden! 


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Few plants match the fragrance or beauty of this amazing native to tropical America. 

This is an ideal ornamental small tree for your yard or your water garden, adding a rich, tropical backdrop to your pond.  Hawaiian Leis are made of Plumeria flowers and with the right watering and fertilizing, you can have blooms throughout the summer!  We have a large selection of colors to choose from, each having it’s own unique fragrance, so come out and pick the color or shape that fits perfectly for your oasis!  click here for our current selection



Oxygenating Plants

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Oxygenating plants are submerged plants that are essential to your pond. 

In sunlight, they absorb carbon dioxide, add oxygen to the water, and serve as shelter and protection for your fish as well as a place for your fish to spawn.  These plants also add filtration to your pond and help to clarify your water. 




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Lotus are true beauties on the water, having water-resistant pads that stand above the surface rather than laying down on the water. 

Rain will bounce off the pads and dance from pad to pad as it moves with gravity.  The blooms are thick and rich with color, growing in size as the plant ages year after year.  Lotus come in different colors and even color changing varieties.


Do not see a plant you want? Click Here to contact us and we may be able to add it to our future inventory 


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