Delivery Information

We offer a number of delivery options to meet your needs as our customer. We try to accommodate special requests when feasible.  We will attempt to get you your product in a timely manner and by way of your chosen shipping method.  We reserve the right to adjust shipping methods when required or seen as a benefit for both parties with the understanding that we will always have your best interest in mind.

Our main options of shipping are UPS and USPS and we ship out most days of the week Monday through Friday.  If you have special requests or situations, please contact us for assistance and instruction to ensure we can meet your delivery needs.

We do not cover return shipping or replacement shipping.  Any shipping beyond initial purchase will be the responsibility of the consumer.

Some items we sell are not eligible for shipping and are in-store only purchases.  These include items such as liners, bulk food purchases, large display features, etc.  Should you need these type items purchased and delivered, call us and we can work together to attempt to meet your needs.

Most orders will be given free shipping if they are over $100 pretax.  This is subject to the specific sale and reasonability of free shipping.  We reserve the right to choose which purchases will require shipping costs even after on-line purchase by customer if necessary.

Water Garden Gems is not liable for shipping delays.  We do not ship fish due to the tender nature of live deliveries.  We do ship plants when possible due to weather and size of plant.  Call for details on plant deliveries.

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