How To: Pond Aeration

HOW TO: Pond Aeration

            One of the often overlooked components of your pond is aeration.  Aeration comes from many sources.  Aeration is achieved through waterfalls, fountain heads, aerators, and even the wind.  Koi require considerable oxygen levels in the water, and, the more oxygen you diffuse into the water, the healthier your pond will be.  The ideal level of oxygen in water is often referred to as the point of Oxygen Saturation.  This is the point at which no more oxygen can be diffused into the water.  Oxygen has many benefits, some are listed below, including aiding in fish digestion, helping them grow healthier, quicker, and larger over time.

             We recommend that for larger ponds, especially if you have Koi, an aerator is added to the system infrastructure.  Waterfalls are good, but optimally the aeration source is placed at the deepest, most centered area of the pond, several inches off the bottom so as to create the most water displacement and circulation as possible. 

            Adding oxygen to the water will also naturally take out many harmful gases and pollutants.  This is especially important in Well Water Holding Tanks where you want to cleanse and purify the water prior to using it.

We sell aerators and aeration frames for all ponds, from shallow ponds and tanks to multi-acre farm ponds and will size up your system for your specific needs.  These also serve as a great back-up in the event that your pond pump goes out by continually pumping oxygen into the water; preventing a fish kill overnight from still, non-moving water.

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