From Our Wonderful Customers


"I bought all of this pond except the water and the fish from your store.

Thank you for all the advice over the years.

The split river is approx 25 feet long, half fast side, half slow side, with a Bog in the middle island splitting the higher slower path from the slower lower path.

The Pond is also approx 25 feet across at its length.

There is approx 11 ton of free rock pulled out of the Guadalupe River Bed."

image 2

"Here are some photos of our pond. My husband dug the pond in our
backyard 14 years ago. We live on a lot of rock, so he eventually had
to rent a jackhammer. It took him 2 1/2 months working on weekends.
The pond depth ranges from 2-3 feet deep and holds 600 gallons of
water. We have rain barrels that supply some of the water for the pond.
We bought 6 fancy gold fish from Water Garden Gems originally and had to
replace once them due to a great blue heron. Our fish keep multiplying
and we have to give them away. We still have problems some years with
herons and large snowy egrets. We have a mister system for the summers
and a chiminea for the cool nights. The pond patio is our favorite
outdoor area. It is our weekend nights entertainment where we sit in
our Adirondack chairs, drink wine and listen to the water fall and our
outdoor speakers playing Willie Nelson or jazz."


"Pictures of our pond at Canyon Lake Texas. Originally we dug it and set it up 3.5 years ago. It is about 500 gallons. We put it under this tree because it needed some shade in the summer. We ran into the problem of the water turning to pea green algae. This was due to it being hot and in the sun during the afternoon in summer and the leaves from the tree would drop and need to be cleaned out everyday. We had one pump. We also have deer around our house and dogs. The dogs liked to drink out of the pond and the deer jumped the fence and ran thru the pond damaging the liner. So finally last spring I bought a second pump and filter and I made a frame to fit around the pond with PVC pipe. I put bird netting over the frame. This solved our problem of dogs getting in to drink and leaves falling in the pond and making it have too much organic matter. This summer the pond was clear and no algae since the tree has filled out alot and now shades the pond in the afternoon."


"Here is a pic of our pond. Pond designed by 

my 17 yr old son Charlie and myself Jason.  Took 2-3 months

Of jack hammering, digging,and hard work on the weekends. 

It also has a waterfall which adds to the relaxation. 

We have 12 fish 3 Kois and bullfrogs. Many 

of these we bought at your store. Your advice, 

knowledge, and great service was so important!

Hope u like it!"


"I love going to your store and purchasing all kinds of plants, ornaments and koi’s!!! We started the pond two years ago in our back yard and really enjoy it!"

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