Our Ponds

Our Ponds

We have 3.5 acres of display ponds and water features for you to walk through , enjoy, and get ideas. 

We offer everything from simple urns that roll water into the ground to 7’ high waterfalls that crash into beautiful water lily ponds full of colorful blooms. Our newest addition is a recently redone koi pond for our large Koi; 7' deep and filtered by a huge bog filtration pond. Please enjoy these pictures of just some of the beautiful ponds we have on property.


These are just a few of the ponds and features we have available for you to enjoy and our ponds are just simple proof that anyone can build a beautiful water feature…your imagination is the limit! If you can dream it, you can have it.  So come out and experience our options and create a paradise of your own to build at your home!

Need more ideas? Check out Our Customers' Ponds

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