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WATER GARDEN GEMS SOAPS  Water Garden Gems has a great new line of Water Garden Soaps made from Goats Milk, Coconut and Olive Oils and essential oils that mirror the amazing fragrances of your backyard oasis.  Check out the unique scents we are offering...a must-have for your bath, linen closet, or to add a fresh fragrance to any room...

soap hibiscus - Copy 150x200   soap mandarine lime - Copy 150x200   soap plumeria - Copy 150x200   soap water lily - Copy 150x200   soap lotus - Copy 150x200

click here for our full line of soaps...


WATERFALLS From small 200gph waterfalls that sit nicely on a small patio pond to 6’Tall crashing waterfalls that can move 2000gph through them, we have over 20 waterfall designs for you to choose from.  Made from high density foam and an extremely durable coating, artistically designed to look completely natural, these waterfalls will give you the awesome feature you are looking for without the labor and time to build it.  This allows you to have what you want without having to have the knowledge as to how to build it.  We also have a great variety of matching pond basins on-hand for you to be able to get the entire pond set up and put it together today!


CONCRETE FOUNTAINS Premier concrete fountains and birdbaths from David’s Patio are now at Water Garden Gems.  Check out the great selection of 3-Tier, 4-Tier, Whimsical, and Pool Fountains we have in stock.  These come in natural concrete as well as a large array of colors to suit your preference.  If you don’t see something you like on our grounds, we have the complete catalog you can browse through and special order to have drop-shipped to your home.  These fountains come complete with pump and construction kit for easy installation and you will be amazed at the prices!  They are lower than you can imagine…we have had customers shop around and tell us we have better quality and way lower prices than the competition…so we know you will be able to find something great.


PLUMMERIA ABOUND We have 3-5 year old Plummeria ready to bloom this year in over 20 color varieties.  These are exotic Plummeria and range in color from White and Yellow to several Pinks, Multicolors and Purples.  Planted in 1, 2, and 5 Gallon Pots, they are ready to take home and put in the ground or transplant into a larger pot.  We also have high bloom fertilizer to help your Plummeria flower and provide the bloom and fragrance you are looking to add to your Backyard Oasis.


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