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WGG 18" Filter

WGG 18" Filter
WGG 18" Filter
Product Code: WGG-18
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Ideal filter for up to 600 gallon ponds.  Simple filtration for your pond and protect your pump!

With a Water Garden Gems' filter in your pond, you can have a clear, beautiful and healthy environment for your fish quickly and easily.

These filters are sized according to the volume of water in your pond. Constructed of heavy-duty perforated pipe, these filters provide maximum flow of water through the media. This high-quality aquaculture media provides maximum coverage of beneficial bacteria, which is essential to the beauty and health of your pond.

The filters are adapted to fit your pump in a way which will allow easy removal for cleaning. All pumps which have an input nipple can be adapted to use these filters. If the nipple is not threaded, a short piece of tubing with hose clamps will suffice.

For best results, filters should be placed in the deepest part of the pond away from the waterfall.

The filters should be cleaned on a monthly basis by removing the unit from the pond and hosing off with your garden hose until the water is clean.  Replace in the pond and restart pump.

When filter media becomes worn out, simply replace the media -- not the whole unit!

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